Best One Click Rooting Apps To Get Your Android Phone Rooted

Android users are very much aware of the fact about downloading the applications and games by visiting the PlayStore often. But most of the apps and games available in the store come up with a lot of restrictions which makes the user annoying for most of the time.

Instead of downloading the apps and games by visiting the store, people would expect apps and games with free of restrictions and lot of features to utilize. When it comes to searching for the apps from trusted sources, most of the apps or games will require rooted Android devices. If you are looking for the third party apps to download on your device, then it must be rooted.

Once the rooting is done on your device, then you can search for any apps or games at free of cost as per the wish. However, you can find a lot of rooting applications available in online to download and root your devices. If you want to root your devices, then it is essential for you to choose the right and best rooting apps for your Android devices. To wipe your confusion, here we are issuing the list of best root apps to download and rooting your Android devices.

Best Rooting Apps For Android You Shouldn’t Miss 2018


It is one of the best applications when it comes to rooting your Android devices. The rooting application does not only allow the user to root the Android devices but also the tablet in just one click.


When it comes to rooting process, it supports mainly with Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo and more devices. At the same time, it also enables to remove the root at anytime. It is free to download and root your Android devices. This rooting application is absolutely risk-free and safe to use at anytime without hassles.

Root Genius

People who all are looking ahead to root the Android devices in a simple way can utilize this amazing rooting application. Once the application is installed on your Android device, then it is easy and simple at the same time to access. For your information, the application will support more than the 10,000 Android devices.

root genius
root genius

If you want this application to download and install on your Android device, then it is free to access without any difficulties. By just one click, you can bring this amazing rooting application on your device.


It is another rooting application for Android devices to download and install. By installing this small sized rooting application on your device, then the user can root the tablet or Android phone at free of cost.

SRS root
SRS root

It also has the option to remove the root access of your rooted devices in just a single click. This rooting application comes up with the two ways of rooting process. If you aren’t satisfied with this rooting application on your Android device, then follow the option unroot and done remove it further without any hassles.

Dr. Fone Root

The Android users who want to be a part of best rooting software can follow this amazing rooting application to download and install. When it comes to usage, this rooting application is easy to access even the users with no technical skills can make use of this application. This application is highly compatible with the Android devices and tablets like HTC, Samsung, SONY, LG and more.

Dr Fone Root
Dr Fone Root

For the best usage, it is 100% safe and secure. More than 7,000 Android devices will be supported in a comfortable way. One must keep it in mind that the application does not void warranty. It also has the option to unroot your Android device at anytime.


Before getting involved towards rooting your Android devices, it is always essential for you to choose the best rooting apps for sure. As we all know that there are most of the applications comes up with non-secure stuff. This thing may literally damage your Android devices at anytime.

To avoid such kind of issues, you can check out the above-mentioned list of best rooting applications. By following those rooting applications, you can root your device and explore the unlimited number of apps or games with full of exciting features. This could be the main reason that why Android users are looking forward towards rooting their devices.

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