Kingoroot Apk V5.0.1 Download For Free – Latest Official Build

Kingoroot is a one-click rooting application, Kingo root app has been developed to provided android phone users easy and secure way of rooting their phones, Earlier rooting was thought of as a complicated and risky process.

Now it has been made easier by such one-click rooting apps, that doesn’t mean that the risks have been completely eliminated, they are still there if you somehow manage to mess up the rooting you might have to deal with things like “bricking” of your phone, voiding warranty of your new phone and new updates not working out when applied. What apps like Kingoroot Apk do is minimize these risks they are still present but these apps provide users with a way to root their phones and get their hands on some decent features that come along with rooting in a more secure manner. We will see these features and go through the installation process for Kingoroot Apk on Android phones as well as PC for Windows.

Kingoroot APK V5.0.1 For Android – Latest Version 2019Kingoroot


Size1.81 MB
CompatibilityAndroid v4.0 & Above
No Of Downloads8,87,654+

How To Download & Install of KingoRoot Apk on Android?


Step 1: First download kingoroot apk from the link above.

Step 2: Select the option that has android download, and the file will be downloaded to your android phone.

Kingroot Apk

Step 3: Once it is downloaded, go to your phone settings, from there you can select security and then enable “unknown sources” this is a must step as KingoRoot is a rooting app that doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of Kingoroot apk.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step 4: Now tap on the file from the notification bar or go to your file manager ( or use any rooted file manager for Android like Root Explorer App) and find the downloaded file, and tap on it to install it on your Android phone.

Step 5: Next tap on “install”, when the file is installed and select “open” to start the rooting process of your android phone

Step 6: You will be displayed a screen with the option “try it” on it. Select that option to enter the main screen of Kingo Root Apk.

Step 7: To start the rooting process you will have to select the “get now” button by tapping on it.

Step 8: The rooting process might take some time, in the meanwhile do not tamper with your phone in any manner and wait till it is completed.

Step 9: Now you might want to check if your android phone or device has been rooted or not, for that you can go to google play store.

Step 10: Search for Root Checker and install it.

Step 11: Installing it is simple, just tap on the install button and launch the application once it has been installed.

Step 12: When you open Kingoroot app, you will see “Verify Root” button, tap on it, it will display the message that your device has been rooted if you follow all the above steps in a proper manner.

How To Download & Install of KingoRoot for PC?

Download For PC


Step 1: Download the Kingoroot for PC to get started, you can download from the link above.

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded click on run, then select “yes” to continue with the installation process.

Step 3: Now accept the terms and conditions and click on “next”

Step 4: Click on “next” twice after that, now tick the create a desktop shortcut and again click on “next’.

Step 5: Next you have to click on the “install” button once it is done, you can click on finish and launch the KingoRoot app for pc.

Step 6: After that, you have to connect your Android Device to PC via USB cable.

Step 7: Then follow the instructions to root your android phone via pc.

There are plenty of rooting apps like these once, if your phone is not compatible with kingo root for PC and you still need to have root access to your android phone then you can try out few of the following apps.

Features Kingoroot,

There are many one-click rooting applications available which will give you somewhat same features when you root your android device using them, but KingoRoot is the most secure and easy one one that has provided simple and easy-to-follow instructions that will help you root your phone in mere seconds.

Getting rid of the preinstalled crapware, this is one of the issues that every single user has with his/her Android phone, a new phone comes with some preinstalled apps that are of no use and cannot be deleted or uninstalled as the manufacturer hasn’t given the option for that, which is where rooting comes in handy, once a user roots android with KingoRoot, he/she will be able to delete these kind of useless apps that have been taking up space on their phone.

No more Ads, after a user roots his/her device with KingoRootlosehe/she will be able to get adblocking apps that were previously not available for their device and some of these adblocks work like miracle cure on these ads and get rid of them completely.


Just like these ad-blocking apps, there are various apps that are not available for Android phones that a user cannot install due to the restrictions posed by the manufacturer, now you can install those apps on your android phones.

You will be able to change the skin of your phone, by default a user only has 2 or 3 options for phone skin which can get boring and might not satisfy the user, once you root your phone, you can have multiple skins and keep on changing them as per your requirements.

Improved battery life and phone performance are the added advantage of rooting your phone, after rooting you can get apps that work in stopping all the apps that run in the background and consume battery when not needed. This also helps in freeing up resources so that they can be used by other apps, and will make your android device perform better.

Get a complete backup of your android phone data, the latest phone manufacturers have made provisions for the user to backup their data, but they don’t cover all the aspects and in case the phone does suffer some damage or crash the user will loose all his/her important data. So you as a user can get an app that gets you phone data backup on a cloud so you can get it back anytime you want to.

Apart from all these features once you root your android device you will also get access to additional features that were hidden. You can get app stores like Blackmart Alpha for Android, to get all apps & games.

Kingoroot Alternative Apps

1. Universal Androot –  The name itself might have given away how this particular Android one click rooting app comes in handy, it covers most of the Android devices, so if your phone is not compatible with Kingoroot this is one of the alternative apps that you must try out. It is efficient and will root your device in a simple manner. You can download universal Androot from the official website.

2. Framaroot – it is a one click rooting app for android it is one of the alternatives for Kingoroot Apk and has features that are quite similar to those of Kingoroot. You don’t need to connect your phone to PC as far as this app is considered just download it from a trusted source and install it on your Android phone. After Kingoroot apk this is the simplest way to root your Android device. You can download framaroot apk from the official website.

3. Towelroot – Towelroot is also one kind of a app, which helps you in rooting android phones without computer Pc support. It supports a wide range of smartphone brands and models. You can download towelroot from the official website.

We have covered almost each and every aspect of Kingoroot apk, from the installation process for android which has been given in detail so that you have no trouble using it on your android phone, to the installation process for Pc on windows. You can even take a look at the features that have been listed to have a better understanding of what you can have access to once you root your device with Kingoroot apk.

Wrapping up,

Kingo root apk does cover many devices and is compatible with most of them, but if it doesn’t work out for you two alternative one-click rooting apps have been listed out so that you won’t need to go through complicated process of how it is done on pc, you can use any one of these two apps which is compatible with your phone to root your android device.

Rooting isn’t a complicated process anymore, thanks to apps like Kingoroot and efforts the developers have put in, in creating such apps, now that you are aware of the risk as well as features that come along with rooting your phone, It is an open source app that you can download from the above link and once you have it you need to follow the given instructions to the “T” after which you can have access to all the features that rooting an android phone provides you.

Hope Kingoroot Apk helps you out and you have no trouble rooting your android device.

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